Jun 19, 2011

To a Man I hold so dear - Happy Father's Day

Wrapped In Tissue Paper,
And sealed with a Kiss,
Today Is "Fathers Day",
So, I give you this.

Although my feelings hidden,
Deep down way inside,
Today you get to peek,
And see just how I hide.

I know how hard it feels,
When words, you can not say,
But, I Love You Dad,
More than words portray.

I'm sure these quotes were made for you,
Yet, I never made them clear,
So, "Happy Fathers Day",
To A man, I hold so dear.

by - "Unknown"


Roy Durham said...

from a dad i say thank you and i love you god bless

Geeta Singh said...

awesome poem..:)

Kathir said...

@roy and @geeta :)

Alejandro said...

Fathers are me now

fantacy in practicality said...

i have always been my daddy's daughter. so i love the poem, i love my daddy and hats off to all daddies whose contribution to our life is what we are today.

Kathir, thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem.

Kathir said...

@Alejandro :)

Kathir said...

@sancheeta always welcome :)

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